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Who Is Ian R. O'Brien?

I have worked with Wall Street’s biggest firms on both the buy side and sell side as a software engineer and consultant.

N-Tier Enterprise Application Development

I am a full stack developer in multi-tier enterprise software.

  • Middle Tier

    C# .NET, Java, C++, Web Services

  • Database

    MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, SSRS, Stored Procedures, Tableau, Triggers, Views

  • UI

    Controls, WinForms, WPF

  • Environmental

    Git, SVN, TeamCity, TFS, Unix, Shell Scripting

  • Web

    Apache, NGINX, AWS, IIS, WordPress

  • Other


Get To Know What I’m Good At

The Kind of Work I Do

I specialize in software engineering and data extraction, transformation, and loading. My experience with data extraction includes consuming web services, importing downstream file extracts, creating SSRS and Tableau reports, and writing SQL ETL scripts.
I’ve worked in the FinTech industry for 8 years in large and small teams across many projects. I have experience following the scrum development methodology as well as the traditional waterfall model.

Years of Development Experience

C# .NET (2.0, 4.0, 4.5)
Java (2.0, 4.0, 6.0, 7.0, 8.0)
SQL (SQL Server, MySql, Oracle)

Thorough Experience Across Many Security Types

I am experienced with many security types

  • Equities

    Common Stock, Preferred Stock, ADRs, Warrants

  • Options

    Exchanged Trade Options, OTC Options, Swaps, Swaptions

  • Money Markets

    Certificates of Deposit, Notes, Repurchase Agreements, Treasury Bills

  • Fixed Income

    Bullet Bonds (Corporate, Municipality, Government), Option Embedded Bonds, Sinkers, Floaters

  • Derivatives

    Credit Derivative Swaps, Forwards, Futures, Total Return Swaps

  • Structured Products

    Asset Backed Securities, Collateralized Debt Obligations, Mortgage Backed Securities

Where I’ve Worked

My experience on the sell side includes working on a financial CRM system used by equity research, sales, and trading firms in order to distribute research, discover new sales opportunities, and manage interactions with existing and prospective clients.
On the buy side I’ve worked as a consultant for several different hedge funds in order to develop and implement customized software solutions to automate tasks, improve workflow efficiency, and enforce compliance to the SAS 70 auditing standard.

Automated Research Distribution, CRM, Investor Relationship and Management


Managed Accounts Integration, Portfolio Management, Report Automation


Multi-Asset Portfolio and Index Analysis

Who I've Worked For

I have worked on trading floors and back offices.

Ipreo LLC

Software Engineer
May 2008 – August 2012

NorthPoint Solutions

August 2012 – May 2014

Barclays Capital

Assistant Vice President
May 2014 – Present